When was the last time that everything in your life went as per the plan? Isn’t it “the most expected still the least happening” thing in every other person’s life? After knowing all this also, our human nature still makes us plan. This story goes to the extremes of things not working as per the plan and slipping out of one’s hands. What took place affected two lives, snatched two people from each other, ended story without getting the right closure, and broken vows?

College Love

They saw each other in the first year of their college. A friendship that started with an exchange of books turned to college sweethearts in no time. The college life was over and the guy asked her to marry him and they’ll move to a new city and start working. It all sounded perfect and it was going to be perfect but not for a long time.

A Wedding

During the 1960s, a wedding took place. “I’ll be with you in sickness and in health.” One statement was common in both of their vows. The couple kissed and now they were married. The moment they talked about the togetherness, they meant it. A small yet beautiful wedding, less yet close guests, peaceful yet cheerful ceremony, as every other couple plans it to be. That’s how their wedding took place; perfectly. A couple that was embraced by everyone, thanks to their loving and pleasing nature. Everything in their life that they were living together was going as per the plan.


They were always known as lovebirds among their family and friends. Their bind was stronger than the other ordinary couples they knew. There was something about these two that kept all eyes on them. Being together seemed like their strength. Quite hard to believe that couples like this existed, right? 

No Time For Kids

Florence and Robert never felt the need for children to complete their family. These lines might sound too fairytale types but there was not going to be any happy ending here. They completed each other in a manner that nothing else mattered much. Life was good enough and they always felt blessed to find each other. They couldn’t think of one day without each other.

Bright Beauty

Her name was Florence “Flora” Stevens, 36 years old. She was beautiful, graceful and completely in love with her husband. They were one happily married couple but not for too long. It was fate’s turn to roll the dice and the numbers weren’t going to be in the couple’s favor. After spending almost a decade together they were going to see each other for the last time. On August 3rd, 1975, things were about to change drastically…

Calling It A Day Off

That morning’s breakfast was Robert’s responsibility. She didn’t wake up on time and expressed her wish to stay at home that day. She worked with the Concord Hotel and called it a sick day off. Robert thought she was just feeling a bit low and went to his work little did he know they did not have much time left together…