Murg was born in 1975 in New Albany, Mississippi and currently, at the age of 42, she works as a sales and marketing manager at Harbor Freight Tools. With life so vast and difficult, would Estellita be welcoming to her unexpected birthday present or would she get scared?


After many years of divorce from her first husband, Estellita slowly but gradually made peace with her little family of two children and the love of her life whom she had found after the divorce with her ex-husband. Murg had all that she thought she wanted but there was always something missing in her life that could not keep her satisfied. 

Surprise Party

For her 42nd birthday, Murg’s sister, her husband, friends, and children had planned a surprise party for her with a present that would leave her astonished and not with the same life she had been living. It was no ordinary surprise for Murg that she would have expected from anyone. 

A Day To Remember

Estellita’s family and friends had decided that they would make her 42nd birthday the most special day of her life. Her 42nd birthday present would be a spell-bounded surprise for her and she would never be able to get over it. But would she be mad about it? Or would she be in awe of it? 

The Plan

Estellita’s friends had decided and planned for a dinner at C.J. Maggie’s, a local barbecue and pizza joint, for her birthday celebrations. The restaurant, the surprise, everything was pre-planned. The only task was to convince Estellita to join them.


Although Estellita was not a birthday person and had never been excited about the day at all, she agreed upon having a decent dinner with her well-wishers. But she was wholly unaware of the person she was going to meet as her birthday surprise that day.