Nature is beautiful. There are photographers out there who take genuine risks to capture the most amazing phenomena in nature. Some photographers manage to be at the right place at the right time and some luckily happen to discover something that humanity never saw before. Here are some awe-inspiring shots of nature, its exotic elements and some phenomenon that occur very rarely.
Get ready to be amazed by pictures and phenomena that you probably have never laid eyes on before.

Goat Leaves

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This probably one of the weirdest sights I’ve ever beheld. You might not have thought of goats to be equipped with tree climbing skills but voila! You were wrong. Goats are actually skilled climbers and can balance on really thin structures. But goats don’t go climbing up every tree they see.
This is the rare Argania tree found only in some parts of Morocco. Why are goats so attracted to this tree? Because the Argania tree produces a kind of nut that goats apparently cannot resist.

If you think this is a rare sight, wait till you are amazed by what’s ahead. 

Lenticular Clouds

These clouds called the Lenticular clouds and these are mostly formed in perpendicular alignment to the direction of the wind. They appear in different shapes like that a lens or a saucer. And this is the reason why they have been often mistaken for UFO. They are multilayered clouds and are formed when air flows upward from mountain tops. The ones you see in the picture are only one kind.

Volcano Lightning

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This is called a dirty thunderstorm and yes if you thought a volcano could not get any more dangerous, it can, when it is accompanied by lightning. This is just an example of what hell would look like if it existed. This is a rare phenomenon and personally, this is one of those rare sights that I would rather not witness live. This looks sublime at a distance but close up this would be plain terrifying.
But there are some things in nature that you should definitely witness at least once in life!

Wild Polar Bears

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This photograph was clicked a long time ago in the former Soviet Union in the Chukchi Peninsula. Mama polar bears are very protective of their cubs and very fierce. What you witness here is a very abnormal sight. These Soviet soldiers encountered this family of polar bears and offered them food which the mama seems to be thankful to accept.
A little cub can even be seen being playful. These bears were probably so hungry that they deviated from their normal behavior of being wild.

Mammatus Clouds

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These strange looking clouds are mammatus clouds, which means mammary clouds. They are called so because of the udder like shape they have and they are quite a rare sight. These clouds are considered as preceding intense thunderstorms and tornados and so even the pilots avoid nearing these clouds for the fear of turbulence.

The first recorded description of these clouds dates back to 1894. If you are ever under these bubbly clouds then be assured you are to witness some nasty weather.

Next up is the only one of its kind creature in the world. 

(L)Only Brown Panda

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Pandas are the cutest and the funniest. Why is this image rare? Because this is the only, THE ONLY brown panda in the world. He is named Qizai and he resides in the Foping Panda Valley in China. The reason for its brown fur is considered to be a mutation.
But being rare did not bring him much reputation in his own community. Poor Qizai was bullied by his fellow ‘normal’ black and white pandas and was even abandoned by his own mother. He is actually a rescue panda who was starving.