“There is MALE inside FEMALE, MR. in every MRS. and HE in each SHE”.  No, I am not playing with words and your brain, but read this saying again. It has a deeper meaning. This one proves that a WOMAN outlives MAN. Because in every dynamic related to a man, a woman is a part of it.

Not only physical fitness, workout sessions and a healthy diet make women live longer than men but they don’t do crazy stuff like these too. They don’t hang from buildings, nor do they play with fire. Men will always remain a little child who is mischievous and is supposed to be directed every time.

What, don’t you believe this? Well if not then have a closer look at these 40 photos. You surely would start believing what I just said. These photos are another reason for women to live longer.

What Is Acrophobia?

No, not again mistake me for asking you this question. But, after having a look at this image, I surely want to ask this man ” Is there a thing like an acrophobia or something called as phobia of heights”? Well, even if there is one, he surely, ain’t aware of that.

Let’s get real. He has a job to do, be it first floor or even a 35th one; work is work. Man, even if someone offers a million dollar to do this, 90% of people would step back. Remaining 10% hold on, you too don’t need to prove your masculinity here with this.

#Don’t try this crazy cleaning tactic!