One doesn’t have to be creative or imaginative, being human is enough to understand the two sides of the incidents that we’ve specially selected for you! After all, each and every one of us can recall moments when we saw, felt or heard things differently than what they actually were. It’s not necessary that everything has to make sense all the time, right? Truth to be told we all get bored of the ordinary ways at some point.

Our today’s top picks can blow anyone’s mind. And trust us when we say this collection is one that will never go out of style as it can make anyone’s day. Sometimes seeing the world with a different style can make it funnier. So, let your thoughts go with the flow and see what you notice first, the real side or the visible side!

Hairy Tree Style?

Really? A tree can grow on one’s head too! Logically, No. But according to this picture, Yes. On a busy morning when everybody was rushing to their daily jobs, one person clicked this picture unintentionally and the results are in front of you. By the way, we really like the concept of growing a tree on one’s head. Imagine each one of us with a growing plant on heads, moving around with one’s oxygen, what a green world would that be!