While becoming a wildlife photographer, people are very well aware of the risk and strong determination this career field demands on a daily basis. However, their will to get the perfect shot and their love for wildlife and nature is always greater than any risk that may be involved.

While waiting for days for one right shot is the most common of all the practices, several photographers clicked the best shots of their lives as if everything was working in their favor, even the wild animals. We’ve brought 3o best pictures of all time that shows an entirely different aspect of wild animals.

A Butt Warmer In Antarctica

Photographer Art Wolfe was on a project at the South Georgia island located nearby the South Atlantic Ocean in between Antarctica and the tip of South America. Art and his crew members were focused on capturing the beautiful wildlife of the area from the rocky beach, not too far from the chilling water.

Art was trying to bring a group of southern elephant seals into his frame when suddenly a seal hopped on to him. While Art was under this seal, one of his crew members went into the water to click this perfect picture. By the way, male southern elephant seals are the biggest of all the seals’ species. And they can weigh almost 8,800 pounds. Lucky Arts, right?