Sit On The Back For Better View

UK Photographer Will Burrard-Lucas lived many years of his childhood in Tanzania. During this time period, he developed a separate place for African wildlife in his heart. Meerkat is a type of mongoose and Will’s favorite animal. He was trying to hide and click pictures when one of the Meerkat found him and decided to see the view from his back.

Will Camera Make A Good Meal?

Ed Hetherington was in Zimbabwe when he decided to get some pictures of wildlife. A lioness jumped on a buffalo and Ed kept his camera close to a buffalo to get clear shots and ran back to a safe distance. However, Ed never got his camera back as the lioness stole it and destroyed the camera. Luckily, Ed was able to get the lens and the memory card but this is all the photo Ed could click.

Spying Foxy 

Marion Klette was taking photos of foxes with her friend Tommy Angelsen. Suddenly, a fox started to sniff her, Tommy clicked this picture. “When we then approached [the foxes], they toyed around with us for a little while. That’s the best thing about photographing foxes: you never know what they are going to do next,” said Tommy in an interview.

The Farther The Better 

Will Burrard-Lucas had clicked pictures of Botswana meerkats many times. The Meerkats are social animals and they’ve somehow learned not to be afraid of humans. Meerkats found Will’s camera as a good option to keep a track of their enemies.

Click A CloseUp

Photographer Dan Dinu went to the forest area near St. Ana Lake, Romania with a group of trainees. The area was popularly known for a friendly resident; a fox. People had talked about a friendly fox in the area many times and when they were heading back home, the friendly fox appeared on the roadside. The fox came closer as the team got down of the car, and showed a keen interest in Dan’s camera lens. This fox was raised by a forest ranger so he was not scared of humans.

Koala, The Creative Director

NBN Television, an Australian TV news channel’s crew was shooting in a reptile park when this koala jumped in and showed his interest in film making. Nobody can guess where it came from and where it went. This scene just added to the long list of mystery in Africa.