Tea And Cakes

It was a cold winter morning and Winny was ready to go out shopping but before that, she decided to start her day with a good taste. She walked to her favorite café and had a breakfast she loved the most; a cup of tea and her all-time favorite cheesecake. She had a quick conversation with the café’s owner.

Always Active

Winny has always been the one who didn’t like to sit or stop unless all her work is done. It was a habit that she learned very early in her childhood. She was a sports enthusiast in her school days and always up for the fixing and repairing work at her home. Even at this age, she couldn’t forget her old habits. After all, old habits die hard.

Friend’s Daughter’s Birthday

Winny was a social bird, she was always invited for birthdays and dinner at her friend’s place. And one such event was fast approaching, it was Winny’s best friend’s daughter’s birthday was fast approaching and she hadn’t bought any present for her yet. Winny thought of buying something for her. Just one problem…

No Cash In Hand

She was only carrying enough cash to buy groceries. Forgetting that she wasn’t carrying enough cash, Winny entered a shop that was offering clothes with 50% discount. After going through several items when she finally selected a dress for the birthday girl, she realized it at the cash counter that there’s no cash left in her wallet.


The store’s card machine wasn’t working and Winnie has to pay in cash only. This was a bit embarrassing for Winny still she asked the cashier to keep the dress on hold for a while as she’ll be right back to buy it. Little did the cashier know she won’t be returning to the store anytime soon.

Strapped For Cash

Winny was never in a hurry, she knew she had all the time in the world to buy that dress and she need not to panic. Over the years, she learned the art of keeping herself calm in all the situations. She knew an atm nearby but it was out of service… Now that wasn’t the only atm and the 77-year-old walked a few lanes to reach another atm.