Old Tennessean

Mr. Crawford is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. The man had everything that many people never get. A well-paid job, a beautiful loving wife, kind-hearted kids, and a healthy life. Still, whenever he looked back at his life, there’s just one thing he always wished he could’ve changed. There was just one person Mr. Crawford never talked about, his brother Harold. He never shared anything related to Harold with anyone. He kept all this pain inside him. Not even a single day passed by when he didn’t think of Harold. Although life goes on and one has to live it anyway.

Inherited Farmland

Ever since the end of the revolutionary war, the Crawford family owned a farmland spread for several acres which was passed down in the family from many generations. Harold and Jim spend their childhood playing around that amazingly peaceful farmland. Life was simple on the country lands. People were used to the wilderness and kids were brave enough to go for long runs at times. 

Needed A Proper Goodbye

The Crawford family waited for the war to get over to give Harold a rightful goodbye. For Harold’s parents and his brother, it was a struggle they were not yet aware of. They were counting days but disappointment will surround them soon.

Not Far

The location of Harold DeMoss’ plane was within 40 miles of the Navy headquarters in Honolulu. That specific location was isolated and more than 7 miles away from the nearest road. The whole area was covered with thick grass and vegetation, steep woods that were filled with wild pigs. After the war ended, two search teams were made to locate the plane and the pilot.

Never Give Up

Jim’s daughter, Judy still tried to get in touch with several Department of Defense’s officials and congressional representatives. “One office offered to get us a flag, I remember thinking we don’t want a flag. That’s not what we’re after.” When the people in the government didn’t prove any help, the outsiders came to help.