Jim Crawford, an 85-year-old man, lived a normal life. At this stage, a person generally has a lot of memories stored at the back of mind. It includes both sweet remembrances and bitter experiences but Mr. Crawford had the worst feeling, ie, the feeling of regret. The burden of this regret was too much to handle for the old man even when he knew it wasn’t his fault. But what could have he done to change it? No one can change the past but the old man had one way to lessen this burden…

A story of struggle, decades of waiting, and long fight against the rules and regulations to do what’s right. This is one unbelievably true battle that Mr. Crawford fought single-handedly.

War Zone

When soldiers head towards the war zones, they leave everything behind. Families pray for their safe return but not everyone’s prayers are heard. No one ever wants that unfortunate moment when two soldiers in uniform show up on the front doors of their homes to give the heartbreaking news. Sadly, Mr. Crawford has experienced that moment and ever since he has been getting these nightmares that didn’t let him sleep.

Old Tennessean

Mr. Crawford is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. The man had everything that many people never get. A well-paid job, a beautiful loving wife, kind-hearted kids, and a healthy life. Still, whenever he looked back at his life, there’s just one thing he always wished he could’ve changed. At one point, it started to look like he will never be able to do anything about and will one day die with this burden.

Only Regret

There was just one person Mr. Crawford never talked about, his brother Harold. He never shared anything related to Harold with anyone. He kept all this pain inside him. Not even a single day passed by when he didn’t think of Harold. Although life goes on and one has to live it anyway, what happened to Harold left the old man grieving forever. 

Lost In Time

Harold passed away many years back. Thinking of the times they used to live together, Mr. Crawford felt like it was just yesterday when he was bidding goodbye and good luck to Harold. The scars of what took place were still new. Sometimes Mr. Crawford pretended to read books but actually, it was those memories that don’t go easily.

Inherited Farmland

Ever since the end of the revolutionary war, the Crawford family owned a farmland spread for several acres which was passed down in the family from many generations. Harold and Jim spend their childhood playing around that amazingly peaceful farmland. Life was simple on the country lands. People were used to the wilderness and kids were brave enough to go for long runs at times. 

Brother’s Bond

“We were pretty close. Just 8 years apart. Eight years in the country is different than city life,” recalled Jim Crawford. The good times didn’t last for too long though.  The war was going to break out, and it’ll be only the start of what looked like an endless struggle.