The bond between a child and his parents is something that cannot be woven into the words. It has no definition other than the purest form of love. However, not everyone gets to cherish these happy moments in life. Some people are unfortunate. Similarly, the adopted children are always devoid of their biological parents’ love. And for them, life is an altogether different challenge.

Stephen Strawn who was a resident of Ohio was in search of his biological mother since the last three decades. He wasn’t sure about her whereabouts and had absolutely no link or contact with her. Searching for her since long, he gave up hope and then while he was running the half Marathon at Pittsburg his world turns upside down when he stumbles upon the unbelievable.

The Soldier

Stephen Strawn is a soldier serving his country for a considerable period of time. Though now he is about 35-years-old, he was always aware that he was brought up by an adopted set of parents. Devoted his life entirely to the nation, this war veteran then decides to look back in his life and find the missing parts of the puzzle. However, he had never thought that it was going to be a tough one.