Deland McCullough is the running back coach for the Kansas City Chiefs. He is a great player and a master in the game. He has all the answers to any difficulty or a tough situation in the field. None could question his knowledge about the game.

While his professional life was something everyone desired of, his personal life was something no one ever wished to taste. A lot was hidden from him, his past and childhood were dark. He knew some pieces while he didn’t know the other. And one day with the change of laws in the state, the mastermind of football unraveled some links which sent chills down his spine.

A Journey

Deland was adopted. He was well acquainted with this truth, but as he was happy with his adoptive parents, he never bothered to scratch his wounds of past. And honestly, he even had no information about his birth parents, so finding or questioning about them was of no use. Then years later what made him come face to face with his origin?