#7 Rivals Turned Rescuers

The Carpathia and the Titanic had a friendly rivalry between them. But when the latter encountered the iceberg which cost the majority of the lives of its passengers and crew, the Carpathia showed that the unlikeliest of adversaries can become friends when the need arises. Pictured here is the survivors of the Titanic clamoring for help from the Carpathia.

#8 Pre-Taliban

Before the rise of the Taliban in the mid-90s, Afghan women were free to enter public spaces without supervision, wearing non-traditional garb. Women were encouraged to attend university and many possessed professional careers, which is quite a contrast from today’s Afghanistan, where women are outlawed from receiving employment or even an education over the age of eight.

#9 The Smiling Maiden’s Return

With the threat of WWII’s imminent outbreak, France evacuated much of its prominent art pieces. After the war, we see the Mona Lisa being returned to her home in Paris’ Louvre.

#10 No Laughing Matter

Though this Russian spy is being executed in Finland during the Winter War in 1939, he laughs during the entire process. This reaction is quite unusual to the situation, to say the least!

#11 Picture in a Picture

Feel like taking a little lunar trip? While strolling around on the moon’s surface, you may encounter this: a family portrait of astronaut Charles Duke, his wife, and two sons, encased within a plastic baggie.

#12 Touring Cape Canaveral

The moon landing in 1969 is a historical feat which marked a new era of the technological ability of humankind. It was the first of its kind, where humans set foot on the moon. But several years before the vision became a reality, President John. F. Kennedy along with his Vice President Lyndon. B. Johnson with other staffers in tow, visited Cape Canaveral at the Missile Test Annex in 1962.