‘A photograph is worth a thousand words’ goes the saying, which is more than apt for pictures from the past. Pictures from history vary weight that is indescribable in words. They capture the very essence of the moment and feeling of the people present in that photograph. It’s almost as if we are transported to that very moment in time. Here is a collection of rare pictures from history that will transport you through time.


#1 His Final Hours

This image is of Lewis Payne, co-conspirator to the assassination of President Lincoln, just before to his execution in 1865. In history class we are often told of John Wilkes Booth, however the men wanted to kill President Lincoln, Vice President Andrew Johnson (which didn’t happen), General Ulysses S, Grant (which also didn’t happen), and William H. Seward (which was attempted by Payne, but was thankfully unsuccessful) to cripple the Government.

#2 Seeing the Sites

The White House is an architectural marvel that exudes awe and grandeur which houses the leader of the free world, along with his family. It’s not uncommon to spot tourists taking pictures in front of its long stretch of green lawns and impressive white background. One such tourist was Pablo Escobar. The drug kingpin was a wanted criminal in the 1980s when he nonchalantly took a picture with his son on a trip to Washington D.C.

#3 All Hands In

The iconic landmark of New York is one of seven wonders of the new world. Most have only seen it as it stands, tall and imposing, and larger than life. She was originally made in France, as we see her under construction here, and then transported to its home base now. The picture dates back to Paris, France in 1884.

#4 Two Worlds Collide

Helen Keller was an amazing author and activist who was audio-visually handicapped. During her lifetime, she met many amazing and prominent figures such as Dwight Eisenhower, Mark Twain, and Alexander Graham Bell, to name a few. In this photograph, she is pictures meeting the famous silent movie star, Charlie Chaplin. 

#5 A Different Perspective

China has had a long and illustrated history of political turmoils, one such being the military suppression of protests at the Tienanmen Square in the year 1989. It is more popularly remembered because of a single protester who stood his ground in front of a tank, while the others are pictured fleeing. Both photographic and video evidence exists, but this particular shows the Tank Man of Tienanmen Square from a different angle.

#6 “The Most Beautiful Suicide”

This photograph of 23-year-old Evelyn Francis Mchale in 1947, taken by photography student Robert Wiles just four minutes after she jumped to her death from the observation deck of the empire state building, became iconic when Andy Warhol used it to influence his print Suicide (Fallen Body).