Have you ever looked at a painting or a mural and been curious to know the history behind it? Well, for any art lover, it would always draw attention or interest as art comes in different shapes and forms. If you look around, you will see several works of art just out the street. It is always something interesting to learn about how they came about. Well, these Egyptian paintings have been there for years but recently scientists have discovered something remarkable about them that has left everybody opened mouthed.

2000-Year-Old Paintings

There were a few archaeologists who had been working in Egypt. These researchers soon discovered an amazing collection of mummy portraits in 1899. All these portraits looked extremely familiar with each other. And these artworks are allegedly linked to their mummified remains. These paintings were done during the time the Romans held sway in Egypt about 2,000 years ago. It was such a surprising find because the archaeologists did not expect to find so many of them. The portraits had disappeared as they were directly kept in storage ever since they had been discovered. But in the year 2015, scientists and conservators decided to hold a re-evaluation of these paintings. What they were to discover completely left them amazed.