It takes an insane amount of brain and brawn to manufacture a car that is both efficient and luxurious. Engineers and designers need to be in sync when they come up with new concepts for cars. Road cars and racing cars could never fit in the same box. So it is highly important to think of not just the look and feel of a car, but also the practicality of it all. Here are some car concepts that have terribly missed the mark.

Scion FR-S – So Close, But So Far

Toyota’s brand Scion put out some smaller cars like the xA and xB that were targeted to appeal young buyers and customers. The brand wanted to shift their aim to a new set of clients, aiming for the young and hip with this sports car. They introduced the FR-S. What the release of xB, Scion was doing exceptionally well. The cubic car trend among Japanese carmakers was really doing well all around despite looking like vehicular dumpsters. But Scion needed a statement. Scion wanted people to:

 Scion Exec 1: “We should totally build a sports car!”

Scion Exec 2: *spits out drink* “Oh my god you’re right. We should totally build a sports car!”

The FR-S was then manufactured. It went on having a very low appeal from customers as the change in design did not appeal to people who loved the edgy looks of the previous cars. People wanted the raw, cutting-edge look of the previous designs so the FR-S was a flop. But people above 6’6 love the car as it is incredibly spacious and nice to drive.

The 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX – Boldness Redacted

The Subaru Impreza WRX has now held a reputation as one of the best weekend warrior cars. The car has not undergone any drastic change or redesigned in the last few years. In the year 2013, Subaru decided to give the car a whole new aspect. Subaru wanted to cue to the Subaru Boardroom with a message:

Subaru Presenter: “Ladies and Gentlemen. As all of you know, the WRX has been our trademark to the world. They know Subaru as a tough as nails vehicle capable of traveling on any surface at great speeds. When we first launched the Impreza WRX in 1992, we thought we were making a small family car. Well, the WRX showed we were making a pocket rocket. The original WRX was all about risk! The car was fun and attractive and gave drivers the feeling of a car twice the price. Ladies and Gentlemen, we haven’t updated the WRX nearly enough. The styling is still somewhat the same after 20 years! Allow me to present you the new WRX Concept Car!”

The car looked really appealing to the eye but it lacked an upgrade of any sort. It was just another humdrum looking Impreza WRX.  It only attracts the people because of its engine and chassis but not the appearance anymore. Even the 2015 and 2015 WRX was a disappointment that showed no visible evidence of innovation or change.

Lexus LF-Sa Concept

Lexus uses the spindle grille as a signature look on all its cars in the past few years.  Lexus decided to manufacture a subcompact concept car. The LF-Sa was originally planned to create an impact on customers. But it failed miserably. The look of the car was too outdated that it ended up very unappealing to many potential clients. The company made a huge mistake in prioritizing the luxury aspect of the car and forgot about the sizing. This ticked the people off leading to poor sales.

 Citroen Tubik Concept

The Citroen company wanted to try their luck in creating a cult-like following of their cars. They followed the footsteps of the VW company with their strong fan-base of their vans. They were ready to take a risk and create a car that youngsters could take on trips. The Tubik certainly tried. The public was very excited upon the initial release of the car, but then slowly things went south. The gull windows were big turn-offs for most people and we all know how everyone loves versatility. The only positive thing is that it looks very funky and fits many people.

Ford SYNus – Synergizing New Paradigms of Inspiration

All car companies look for everyday inspirations when they manufacture cars. Even the Ford SYNus was the result of a rather strange inspiration. The SYNus actually drew inspiration from bank vaults and armadillos. Its main aim was to create a car with a tough exterior having a soft interior. The name itself is a play on synthesis to further induce this theme. The styling of the car made a mistake as it would be small to open the back door without both hands. It would be difficult to open if ever one is holding grocery back with the other hand. Their motive would probably have been different but the execution fell flat.

Hummer H3

The Hummer had quite a rep as being a very sturdy ride, loved by many because of its association with the US Army. The Hummer HX concept is something worth ponders as it is the size of the Jeep Wrangler but still with features of the conventional Hummer. These cars are quite hard to handle in small roads so this gives it a huge disadvantage.. The Hummer also resembles the Jeep Cherokee. Many people who wanted to buy the Hummer ended up buying different models as years went on.