He still remembers his teacher’s last words, “never wander alone in those woods.” What was there in those dense forests that his teacher didn’t want him to see? Every time he saw that forbidden place from his window, he could feel the urge to just run towards the place and explore it. But he made a promise to his dying teacher that he would never go there. The boy who was now all grown up remembered his teacher last words and smiled at his own stupidity and was able to make what was his teacher trying to say to him. He realized how much his teacher loved him and wanted him to be safe. He was just a child when he died and if he would have gone in those forests, he might have not returned but now he wasn’t alone, he was ready and had the courage inside his heart that was required to enter the forest.
That dark forest was in front of him and he entered, only to find what he was destined for. Now, coming back to the story of a 13-year-old boy who stumbled upon an ancient artifact that changed everything about the past. Everybody was stunned to see a legend turn out to be something true. So, what did this boy find? You’ll find out soon.

The Beginning…

This 13-year-old boy was out with his teacher who was an amateur archeologist and loved history. The boy was also into history and stuff and when his teacher asked him if wants to join him in exploration, he was more than happy to be his sidekick. They were out in the field where his teacher wanted him to teach things about archeology. He was a nice mentor to him and that day the boy stumbled upon something great that changed everybody’s lives.

Good Teacher

René Schön has always been curious about history. He keeps reading about the weird facts about the world that often has a very interesting story with it. He always wanted to be an archeologist but due to some reasons, he couldn’t be one. But that didn’t stop him and that day, he was on a journey with his student that changed everything for both of them especially, for the 13-year-old boy.

Just A Little Boy

Luca Malaschnichenko, a 13-year-old boy put many scholars to shame when he discovered an ancient artifact which many tried to find but couldn’t succeed. This amazing artifact was destined to be found by Luka. He was so happy that he was able to find something this precious at this stage of his life. 

A Student Of History

“No matter what your age is, you always remain a student.” Being a  student doesn’t mean you are only learning in school or college because life is the toughest subject which needs constant attention. Both Luka and his teacher René Schön had an interest in history. Luka often came up to him asking about all sorts of question-related to history. And seeing a boy, so much interested in history gave his life a new purpose and Rene always tried to answer Luka’s questions. So, where did they make this astonishing discovery?

The Hidden Location

While roaming on a remote German island, in Rügen, an island near the Baltic Sea, this 13-year-old stepped on something. Clueless, he was trying to make sense of that thing he was holding in his hands. His teacher Rene who was watching the boy from a distance could see that he was struggling with something. When the boy showed what it was, it turned out to be a 1000-year-old artifact. 

The Island Full Of History

This remote island Rugen is full of prehistoric artifacts. This place is very interesting as you can find the evidence of Upper Paleolithic (Old Stone Age), the Neolithic (New Stone Age), and the Bronze Age. It’s like looking in a mirror which lets you see the past. Rene knew about this place and he knew what could be a better place than this to tell little Luka about the history of the world. And there he was, a little treasure hunter at work. The myth was true and he was holding the proof in his hands.