Photographs are literal imprints of the time when it was taken. It is often referred to as the freezing of a spec in time. They are reflections of the time and era. Here are some of the most amazing picture taken in history that will surely give you something to buzz about…

1. The Golden Gate Bridge, mid-construction in 1937

The Golden Gate Bridge was constructed from January 5, 1933 and the cost of building it was $35 million. They finished quicker than scheduled with $1.3 million remaining. 

2. A device used to ameliorate pilot fatigue, 1949

This is a specialized bed specifically designed to cure pilot fatigue. It supposedly helps drain the stress of flying on high skies without much gravitational force.

3. The Schienenzeppelin, 1929

Behold the Schienenzeppelin, it could reach the high speed off of 143 mph. It was constructed by the Germans as a high-speed train.

4. The first slide in Britain, 1922

Look at this very unsafe slide. It surely makes you think about how safe today’s kids are now with all these polished and guarded slides.

5. Steven Spielberg with a miniature Indiana Jones set

He is regarded one of the best directors of all time. Here he is checking for flaws on the set of Indiana Jones, getting very hands-on in the process.

6. Fat Man, the atomic bomb detonated over Nagasaki, 1945

Here is a photo of one of the nuclear bombs that were dropped on Japan in August 1945. “Fat Man” was the code name for the bomb dropped on Nagasaki.