Most of us live an average life where we are able to fulfill our normal needs and enjoy the simple happiness of life. A family with a decent income has the biggest setback of not being able to get over the unforeseen situations. Any illness or accident can bring a whole family on the edge of losing everything they have saved after working hard for most of their lives. Our today’s story revolves around a couple whose one attempt to get a loan approved brought them in some serious trouble. It might cost them not just their children’s future but even more.

The Donovans

Living alone comes as a completely different experience after living with parents just like moving in with partners is different from living alone. But the greatest of all is the decision of becoming a family, planning to have children. What makes it an entirely unique story? Well, moving out of parents’ place is a part of the growing process, also one can easily walk out of a relationship or marriage but with children, it’s a fact that there’s no going back once you become parents.

Nathan and Madison Donovan too lived a middle-class life until a chain of events started to take place just to make everything more and more difficult for them with every other day.

Perks Of Being Parents

A couple took the biggest step of their life when they decided to have babies, and they were well aware of the instant and constant increase in expenses and responsibilities that this step will result in. But not everyone works hard to earn. Some work cunningly and trap innocent people like this couple who wasn’t aware that a bunch of bad people will try to snatch every single penny out of their pockets and will almost bring them on the pavement.

A Happy Family

Nathan and Madison Donovan were married from a couple of years and wanted to fill the empty spaces of their lives now. The couple was going to have their first baby soon and this was making them nervous and excited all at the same time. They have been planning for it for a long time and thought they were prepared for everything but who can be?

Difficult Times

In the next couple of years, the Donovans grew from two to four. So far, they were able to manage a satisfactory lifestyle but the odds weren’t in the Donovans favor anymore. Something bad happened and the couple was left without any backup plans. Wondering how did their situation get worse?

Nathan and Madison were both hard workers. They started working part-time in their senior year of high school and have been working ever since. They had savings, they had jobs but life turned upside down on an unfortunate day. The couple faced the most challenging turning point of their lives in 2010 when Nathan met with a car accident.

Holding On

When Madison reached the hospital, she was informed about her husband’s serious condition. The doctors didn’t tell anything about how much time he’ll take to recover completely for over a week. And finally, when they spoke to Madison, she understood that some very critical times were standing in front of the Donovan family.