The Object

The man kept staring at the object in bewilderment. What did he just discover? For him, the sight was unbelievable so he asked his co-workers to take a  look of this odd object. Well, whoever came across the object was in awe. The roadworkers knew that from this point on their expedition was going to turn into something incredible. 

Incredible Discovery

It was difficult to make out what exactly was the object as the major portion of the thing was still tucked under the ground. He kept digging to trace the beginning point of the object. But the surprises began to appear as he dug the place even deeper. He found antiquated pots and pans. Many of them were in good condition. Not to mention. These findings made the man anxious and he called his colleagues once again.   


His colleagues were equally in awe as the discoverer was. There were piles of household items buried amid a busy road. The worker called his supervisor and told him about his discovery. The man in charge soon realized that it was a matter of archeologists. He immediately informed the archeologists who themselves got stunned on learning about the site.    

Iron Age Settlements

Let’s get back to the items found under the road. It may interest you to know that the items discovered belonged to the Iron Age. No need to mention that the discovery had whetted curiosity among Archeologists. The spot was made inaccessible even to the workers. After a while, some archeologists appear to the scene only to get astounded. They had never seen anything like this before.

Digging Again

Interestingly, the real twist was yet to come out. The team decided to dig the spot to find more like items. But they were going to do that carefully as they could not risk breaking of any of these primitive items. The team was already having a tough time believing that they actually had unearthed a treasure from another century yet they were about to discover something even more amazing. 

The Specialists

The team consisted of renowned archeologist Steve Sherlock and other specialists. All of them were men of great accomplishments and knew a great deal about archeology. They were overseeing the task of excavation when something really strange emerged out of the mud.