Family And Waffles

Everybody in Emma’s family knew how much she loved Waffles. Before Waffles, Emma did not pet any animal and it was the very first time that she agreed on keeping one. She was not a cat person initially but after she started taking care of Waffles, her perspective changed 180 degrees. 

The Bond

The bond that Emma and Waffles shared was incredibly strong. Emma could not think of a single day without Waffles. She started including Waffles to her gathering and used to look after Waffle’s diet and supplements every week.

Small Changes

Emma used to notice even the small changes in the behavior of Waffles. These changes affect the mood of Emma as well. This shows how worried she was regarding Waffles in her life. Waffles, the lucky cat, got a lot of attention and affection every day.

Bringing Companions

One day, Emma thought that once she was out Waffles would be all alone. She did not let Waffles go alone anywhere or make some “cat-friends” out there. So, she thought of bringing Waffles some friends with whom, she could play, fight and live.

Not Approved 

With that thought, Emma brought 2 more kittens to her home so that they could accompany Waffles all day long. To her dismay, Waffles kept a safe distance from those two. It seemed as if Waffles did not approve of the presence of the new guests. 

Moody Kitty

Waffles, the cat, was way too much pampered which made her a little moody. Emma was too much inflicted by the mood of Waffles that used to get reflected in Emma’s behavior as well. The two new guests were then being ignored by Emma so, she decided upon something.