It was on the 14th of May, 1965 that Marvin finally filed a report. But when the police officials did some interrogation in the neighborhood, they came to know that Lucy was missing for 4 years, that is, since 1961.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) filed the complaint of the missing case. And when the investigations began, the neighbors told that they had last seen Lucy at 10300-block of 145A Street on the morning of September 1961.


Since Marvin had filed a report after 3 years since Lucy went missing, the police had started to suspect Marvin. The case was being treated as a homicide. He was the one who never wanted to discuss Lucy’s disappearance.


So many questions were raised during the investigation and the answers were yet to be found. Neighbors had told the police that they had seen Marvin dig a septic tank in the yard, that too around the time of Lucy’s disappearance. 

Next Step

With this clue, the police decided that they would dig up the yard as their next step in the case. In 1965, the whole yard was excavated but the police had to face disappointment when they found nothing at all. 


During the investigation, the officials did not know that the particular case of Lucy, which they were handling was going to be one of the oldest missing person cases, not just for their records but in the world.