Stubborn As An Ox

Suddenly, an idea struck Malcolm. Instead of trying to persuade Laura directly, he decided to appeal to her sense of empathy.

He knelt down beside her and began to describe his excitement about the trip, explaining how important it was for him to have a relaxing journey. He shared personal stories, hoping that by opening up, he could touch her heart.

Hello Down There

Laura looked at him with a confused look. “What are you trying to do?” Malcolm looked at her with a straight face, “My legs are tired from standing in the same position for so long,” he said dryly.

Laura scoffed at him and turned back around. She refused to move. What could Malcolm do to be recognized by this obstinate passenger?

Thick As A Brick

Growing increasingly frustrated, Malcolm’s voice grew louder as he repeated his request. “Excuse me, ma’am, I’ve been upgraded to first class,” he said, hoping that revealing his newfound status might sway her to act more considerately.

The surrounding passengers began to take notice; their curious eyes fixated on the unfolding scene. Would they let him pass now?

Well, What Do You Know

Laura, shocked by Malcolm’s statement, finally turned to face him. Her eyes widened with surprise as she realized her mistake. She had assumed he was just another regular economy passenger, oblivious to his upgrade.

Feeling embarrassed, Laura didn’t know what to do; she was mumbling an apology under her breath. The people watching also heard Malcolm, but they didn’t care.

Can You Hear Me

Feeling a growing impatience, Malcolm mustered up the courage to address Laura again. “Excuse me,” he said, his voice tinged with irritation, “Did you hear me? Are you deaf? I’ve been upgraded to first class. I need to get through. You’ve wasted enough of my time”

Laura looked at him and said, “I can’t move; there are people standing there!” Malcolm was at his wit’s end.

We Are Waiting To Be Seated

Malcolm persisted, “Move it, lady, come on!” Another passenger started recording him shouting. Laura’s eyes widened in surprise upon hearing those words.

She thought he was just another regular economy passenger. Without offering an apology, she arrogantly replied, “Well, I’m not moving. Find another way.”