What will happen if the place where you’ve been living for most of your life starts scaring you? There’s something suspicious that you can’t control or explain. For some reasons, you know you are neither at fault nor on drugs! Let’s add the worse part here which is no one believes you and your stories sound made-up to them… People think of you as an insane person and think its all inside your head. Instead of trusting you they suggest you meet a psychiatrist. How frustrating can that be?

Well, an incident took place in South Carolina with a lady named Tracy and the situation got much more critical than anyone could have imagined.

Life Has Changed Since Divorce

Tracy and her husband divorced almost two decades back. Life of a single mother is not easy at all, especially when one is not in a strong financial position. She was living in Rock Hill with her 5 kids. A single mother working hard to earn enough to fulfill her family’s need. She has been doing this for years. She was so much into this hectic life of hers that she completely lost herself because of it.  Not even for a moment did she regret living for her kids. However, what was going to happen soon will separate her from her kids too, and it all will be because of the house she was living in…