No Barking

After contemplating this thought over and over again, Wang decided it was time to meet the experts. She knew she wants to get some answers. She took her dog to see the vet. Sitting in the waiting room was a challenge. Her dog made all the other dogs uncomfortable and they started barking at him. And yet again, the only dog who was not barking was Wang’s.

Blank Stares

Wang noticed how the employees of the clinic and the people around her were staring at her and her dog. There were some pointing and whispering too. She found it quite rude but knew it’s because he was making other dogs uncomfortable. She pretended to not notice any of them. What she didn’t know was they were staring at her dog because of his looks. 

Getting Expert’s Opinion

Wang released a sigh of relief when it was finally her turn to go inside and meet the vet. To her surprise, the vet immediately stood up at the sight of her walking in with her dog. She frowned at the look on his face. He seemed mildly alarmed but waited for her to speak and tell him what was wrong. Wang started talking about the changes she has noticed in her dog for the past couple of months.

Not A Dog?

The vet patiently listened to everything Wang had to say. Then he looked at her with concern and told her something that left Wang bewildered. The vet told her what she owns is not a Japanese Spitz dog. It is a domesticated fox instead. 

Pointy Features

Looking at the size and the pointy features of the ‘dog’, the vet declared that it’s a fox cub. Wang was beyond confused because she got him from a pet store thinking its a Japanese Spitz. The vet told him that it’s quite common for such shops to sell fox cubs claiming that they are dogs. Wang felt devastated and cheated. But at the same time, this news made so much sense to her.

Common Practice

Wang came to know that this practice of selling foxes as dogs is quite common for pet stores. In fact, some of them actually sell foxes to people who are interested in buying foxes. Wang wanted to go back to the store and yell at the seller but she knew it didn’t matter now. Because despite the truth she still cares for her pet, even if it’s a fox.