Loyal Dog

Xiongxiong has been spending so many hours at their local train station that he soon became very well known by the crowd. You could even say that he became a celebrity of some sort too. The people who make use of the train where Xiongxiong sits, would often give him a delicious treat and even give him some belly rubs that would definitely make the dog feel better about waiting. He warms the heart of the people who see him wait so loyally for his master to come home.

Love And Attention

Some people would definitely get intimidated by the hulking dog that sits at the train station. But after learning that he is a soft and gentle dog, people quickly warm up to Xiongxiong. He has become a friend to almost everyone who visits or makes use of the train at the local train station. If all this information does not melt your heart already, the next few slides will definitely make you want to pet the dog, hug him or give him a treat. He is such a precious furball.

Patiently Waiting

So what does he do when he waits for his master to come back? Well, since he has gained popularity, there are a few things that Xiongxiong does to occupy his time. It is a good thing that people love him so much because he gets to play around with them until the time comes for his owner to head back. This giant pup would become extremely ecstatic to see his owner come back. He would become very excited when the time comes for his master to unite with him. But what happens when he doesn’t show up?

Sad Pup

Just like any loving pet, Xiongxiong also has had days when he gets very disappointed. Whenever he does not see his master get out of the train, he would always become a little sad and confused. Whenever he feels down, it shows on his face and people feel very heartbroken by it. This is one of the main reasons why this dog gets all the petting he gets. The passengers also hate it when he gets sad like this. So what does Mr. Chen have to say about all of this?

Leaving For Work

Just like his dog, the owner Mr. Chen is also very close to Xiongxiong. He feels very connected to the dog and says he shares an unbreakable bond with him. Mr. Chen also admits that he often gets very sentimental whenever he spots Xiongxiong who would spend about 12 hours just to wait for him to get back from work every day. He feels bad sometimes that his dog has to be so patient with him and also get separated from him. He also has something more to add about Xiongxiong.

True Love

He had often tried to make his dog understand that he does not have to wait for him. He had tried countless times to not let Xiongxiong follow him to the station. He fears that the train station might be a little dangerous for the dog but the dog does not seem to mind one bit. Xiongxiong on the other hand does not take all these things into consideration. he only cares about spending time with Mr. Chen and he doesn’t really mind the threats. How cute is that?