Marriage is an institution, a union of two souls. It is the sole relationship that has its roots deep grounded on the basis of Trust. For any relationship to work well, the pre-requisites are loyalty and honesty among the two partners, and when it comes to marriage, these two factors are the prime foundation of this union.

Not everyone is that fortunate to get a faithful and a loving life partner. Those who find one, their future and life is a bliss, but those who don’t, they have to live a life on compromised terms. While Jonna Miller thought that her marriage was the perfect one, a reality¬†struck her. Her husband would come home late from work. Though initially, she did not bother about it, but when it became a routine for him, she started having her own set of doubts regarding his loyalty towards her. And then one day when she couldn’t bear it, she takes a closer look at his clothes. And the revelations changed the entire dynamics of her relationship.

The Perfect Ones

Jonna Miller and her husband David were a perfect couple from Leesburg, Indiana. Well, that was what everyone assumed for quite a long time. Their days were full of love and laughter. Every morning started with a hug and every night was marked with a beautiful kiss. Everything appeared to go smoothly until the days her husband started coming home at late hours.