Capturing The Dog

It was a relief that they had come quite prepared. After luring the pooch with food, one team member captured her using a special animal control pole. Even though the device scared the dog for a split second, she managed to gain her confidence with one friendly stroke.

  An Ingenious Approach

They decided then and there to name the dog Esme. Now that she was safe, the Hope For Paws team could go in search of her babies. They ran out of ideas so there was only one ingenious way of locating Esme’s lost puppies. They agreed on applying it.

Playing Yelping Puppy Sounds

The rescue team held Esme on a leash and played a video of puppies softly barking. They hoped that this would encourage the dog to take them to her babies. They were very hopeful that the method they had opted would prove a success.

  The Case Of The Missing Puppies

It appeared as though Esme knew exactly where to go as she began to march forward. After wandering around the park for some time, the rescuers felt that she may have actually lost her babies. There were only two explanations for them getting lost. They were either abducted by other people or taken away by predators.

More Theories Emerge

There was an even darker explanation as to why the puppies would have disappeared. From their past experiences, they believed that someone could have used Esme for breeding purposes before callously dumping her on the street. But then, since there was no proof of anything, they were still left to wonder.

 Showering Esme With Affection

After a long search of over two hours, the crew members started coming to terms with the fact that the puppies were in fact gone. It was a sad realization to have to accept this fact. But despite their disappointment, they decided to shower all the love and pent-up affection on poor Esme instead.