A New Disaster

As if their kid’s constant health issue was not enough that more struggles were making way into the couple’s life. Robert and Breanna were as usually heading to the hospital to see Carter when their car stopped in the middle of the road. 

Horrible Mess

Robert got down the car and opened the hoof to see if he can fix the car. The moment he opened the hoof a mass of smoke got out of the car. The matter was out of his hands and he needed to call a technician. The technician gave them a mere estimate of the cost. Sadly, there was more to worsen this case.  

No Insurance

Their car broke down at such a bad time when the couple didn’t even renew their car insurance. In between all the critical conditions that the couple was going through, they completely lost track of the last date of their car insurance, and trust us when we say it: this wasn’t even the worse part. 

Financial Crisis

It wasn’t just forgetting the insurance due date, Robert and Breanna couldn’t even afford to pay the insurance due because they were actively paying the hospital bills. They were saving every single penny for the moment of emergency. 

No Car

Instead of getting their car fixed, the couple decided to sell it. In that way, they’ll have more saving for the hospital expenses. Their house was far from the place from where they could take a taxi and the question was how will they get to see their baby on a daily basis?

Asking Friends’ Help

In the hours of need, Robert and Breanna asked for their relatives and friend’s help. While Robert didn’t mind walking to the office, he wanted someone to drop Breanna to the hospital. Everyone in their locality knew them as a kind and genuine couple and seemed happy to help.

But what happened one day when they were on their way to the hospital changed this couple’s life forever.