Every moment in life is precious. All the little memories and joys we cherish throughout our life holds a big place in our hearts. And as one grows old, these happy moments are all that give us the energy to live and sparkles our will to survive.
While life has always been tough for John, full of major twists and turns, his old age phase became¬†even terrible. Right from the very early age, he had to face hardship in life. However, with time as he put himself up with all the challenges that life threw at him, one day while paying up for the groceries at the Walmart Store, he had to face another hindrance. And this was something so awful that John was embarrassed to the core. Just then something happened that compelled the entire world to think…

The Visit

It was just any other day for John. As usual, he went to the Walmart Store to buy groceries. He had a small checklist reading potatoes, eggs, bread, onion, milk, and tomatoes. He, at a slow pace, went through the store and started putting everything in the basket. As he moved forward to put eggs in the basket, suddenly he recalled something.

Trembling Hands

As he kept the eggs, he whispers, “She always said to keep them at the end to prevent them from cracking on way”, and then he smiled. The old man kept the eggs on the top and moved towards the cash counter. He saw that the cashier was doing her work in a very fast manner. The customer standing before him in the queue got his bill. It was his turn now and suddenly his hands started to tremble.