Now finally they were going to meet. The conversation with the woman was really making Bre miss her boyfriend. Although she was happy about the passenger, she was sad too about having her boyfriend away from her. She kept on driving whereas the woman kept talking about her boyfriend.

The Destination

Though Bre did not talk anything about her boyfriend, she really missed him a lot. In a matter of fifteen minutes, they had reached their destination. The car enters the apartment complex.  A current runs through Bre when she drives her car through the complex gates. 

Finding Apartment Number

The woman did not know the apartment building number. So, she calls her boyfriend and asks him about the apartment building number whereas Bre waits for her to get that. Bre knew each and every corner of this complex. Soon, the woman told her the apartment building number.   

Counting Begins

Thereafter, they began counting the building number as they passed by the buildings. And finally, they got the building they were looking for. Whereas the passenger was very excited, the Uber driver went weak from her knee. She looked at the building in disbelief. 

Same Building

It was the same building his boyfriend was residing in. What a coincidence. She was right there about a couple hours ago with her boyfriend and now she was again at the same place. Well, the coincidence made her miss her boyfriend even more. But what she saw next truly made her heart skip a beat.

Car Too

There was a familiar car among the cars in parking. She approached the car to confirm. She looked at the number plate and realized her worst nightmare coming true. It was her boyfriend’s. The Uber driver got very angry but before taking any step she waited for the woman to leave.