If you ever suffer from a health problem or a disease, the only thing you want is to get rid of it as soon as possible. You will contact the medical professionals and go under prescribed medications in order to get back to your routine life. But imagine, that you suffer from a disease that no professional could help you out with? How would you feel? A little scared, panicked and tensed?

Well, this is a story of twin sisters Kimberly and Nicole. Nicole suffers from a dental problem of melting teeth. Even after knocking from one dentist’s door to the other she could not get a remedy for her teeth. And almost after 10 years of struggling with melting teeth, her unusual medical problem is discovered that stuns the world.

The Twins

Nicole and Kimberly were identical twins residing in the United States. Both the sisters had a childhood just like any other. They would eat, play, sleep and repeat. Life was beautiful to them, until the day an incident occurred that affected them till their adulthood years.