Who doesn’t admire a shiny car? Just the appeal of a brand new car prompts us to own one. Its clean knit seat covers, the soothing scent fragrance, the cleansed windscreen and the polished interiors take us all together into a whole new world.

And then, we look at our car which is quite old, full of scratches, a dislocated bumper, the dirty and oily seat covers, that overloaded dashboard, it all breaks our heart into pieces.

What if we tell you hacks to turn your existing car into a new one? If you are thinking how is this even possible, then here is a solution for you.

Follow these quick cleaning hacks on a regular basis to maintain that same feel of your car.

Declutter Your Car

One of the most obvious ones is to declutter your car. Get rid of used wipes and water bottles. Throw away the used and old newspapers. Keep your shopping bags away. Place those groceries in the kitchen. Take away all your valuable stuff and belongings. Just remove all the extra items from the driving area. Organise your stuff in the right manner. This will give your car some air to breathe. Moreover, it will even provide you with some stuff which you have long left in your vehicle.