Amazing Worth

The old treasure which Terry found on the piece of land belonged to Fred was estimated to be worth £3.28million! The land was hiding 1,500 gold objects scattered around all over the place. These gold objects belonged to 7th and 8th Century. You could imagine all the hype this discovery made. It was worth it. But things got more interesting after the discovery was made. 

Mixture Of Everything

The treasure held some artifacts from the past, but still, Fred and Terry started to sense some struggle. Where on the one hand they looked at the all the gold that made their life shine, on the other hand, their heart wasn’t in sync. Why is that all the gold couldn’t give them happiness? Then they were introduced to that old legend revolved around the treasure.

Hundreds Of Objects

The experts from all around the globe compared the treasure with the famous legendary treasures Lindisfarne Gospels or the Book of Kells. A simple search for Fred’s wrench changed their lives forever. The Staffordshire treasure now carries 3,500 pieces, each one of the artifacts in that treasure symbolizes hundreds of finished objects decorated with filigree and cloisonne. What did the two men do after unearthing the treasure?

A Famous Discovery

There was no doubt that this treasure would make those two men rich in no time. This treasure was considered as an international wonder. But then, something started with these two men. The legend of the treasure was proving itself true with each passing day. Both of them were struggling with it. What is that one thing that we all want? Money? Right? They had it now but something dark was taking over them.

Ended Up Here

The question is how did this treasure end on this piece of land in the first place? As we told you the treasure belonged to 7th-8th Century from Anglo-Sax era, but who hid it and why? What made those ancient people hide this treasure? The historians wanted to know everything about the treasure and after a lot of research, they found something to believe in.

The Legend…

Either it was a day or night, nobody can say for sure, but an unknown group progressed along an ancient Roman road, crossing the forest of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia. Nobody could say anything about the group as it could have been soldiers crossing the kingdoms or thieves. After reaching a certain point the group dug a pit and hid the box of treasure in the ground. Who were they exactly? And why did they hide it?