The medical field is predicted to grow by a huge margin in India. As a result, all the medical jobs are going to increase as well. Out of this, the most popular job is that of a Dentist. Dentists diagnose and cure conditions affecting the mouth, teeth, and gums. In India, there is a huge growth of dentist jobs in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore along with other major cities. 

In addition to conducting extractions, root canals, and tooth replacements, dentists provide preventive care and oral hygiene as well. These professionals may practice general dentistry or work in a specialized area. Some dentists also work on weekends or evening hours to accommodate their patients’ needs and schedules. 

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Top Dental Clinics in Mumbai

  1. Bright 32 Dental Care & Orthodontic Centre
  2. Dental Design Studio
  3. Impressionz Dental Care
  4. Cosmecare Dentistry
  5. Perfect Smiles
  6. Signature Smiles Dental Clinic 
  7. 32Gems Family Dental Clinic
  8. Dental Care Solutions
  9. Beyond smiles dental care center
  10. Dental Edge Health Care Center

Qualification & Skills of a Dentist

Communication skills: Dentists need to interact with patients, dental assistants, as well as receptionists. Hence good communication skills are a must.

Detail-oriented: The job of a dentist requires them to be extremely detail-oriented. They must pay incredible attention to the needs and requirements of their patients. 

Leadership skills: While many dentists work at hospitals, most of them work in their own clinics. This requires them to manage things and lead their staff.

Organizational skills: Dentists need great organizational skills because their job includes keeping accurate records of patient care, and other important documents. 

Patience: Dentists need to be really patient because they work for long periods of time with patients who need extra attention. For instance, children have a special fear of dentists. Hence, it is a part of their job to deal with such patients in a calm friendly manner. 

Physical stamina: As mentioned, dentists work for long periods of time which requires them to possess great physical stamina.