Support System

When Andrea and Keston came to know about their friend’s lack of ability to bear a child, they felt bad for them. Being mothers, they could easily understand their pain. They wanted to help the women in any way they can. And believe us they did something which really needs a golden heart.

May I Help

Andrea and Keston suggested that if their friends were happy with it, then Andrea would be glad to act as a surrogate mother to their child. She would want to bless her friends with the most precious blessing any woman could taste. The happiness of being a mother. Would the couple agree?


All the couple wanted was a baby and what else could have been better than your friend giving birth to your baby. The couple readily agreed to this and was even thankful to Andrea for helping them in a situation like this. What next? An appointment with the IVF doctor was scheduled…

On A Journey

The IVF implant was a success and Andrea even donated her eggs for this one. It meant that the baby was biologically hers. The couple would look after Andrea and even Keston made sure that her partner’s pregnancy phase passes on smoothly. But soon only things got complicated.


All the four women were excited. The unborn baby has already brought happiness to them. The women were just eager for the baby’s birth. In their heads, they have even thought of various names that they would want to call the baby by. The to-be mothers were just over the moon. But pregnancies are something that never go as planned.

Sixth One, But

Looking at Andrea’s medical history, it was her sixth pregnancy. Her other five pregnancies have been extremely beautiful. She has cherished every moment in those nine months. But in this one, where she was a surrogate mother, the pregnancy made her taste the worst side of this stage in life. What was it?