No doubt it was a good idea but then she thought she might be sued for taking photos without the other person’s consent and gradually dropped the idea. At that moment, a person came in front of the kid, blocking the view of the lady and stood in front of the kid expecting the kid to give him the seat. Would he care to look at him or ignore the world like before?


The man was apprehensive to sit on a dirty seat as the young boy’s shoes were all covered with mud. But at the same time, he was considering himself lucky to grab a seat as he had a long way to go and with the heavy suitcase in his hands, it would be difficult for him with suitcases in his hands. So considering all the pros and cons of the seat he thought of finally grabbing it before anyone did it before him.


The lady sitting in the front thought now as the man had come to sit he would put his foot down and would have to sit straight. She was happy initially but now she had nothing to put on her social media and have more followers on her account. This made her a little upset. So she too like other people buried her head in her phone.

Untoward Behaviour

The man stood in front of the kid patiently to put his feet down and give him space, but the careless kid remained engrossed in his phone without paying any heed to the man. Astonished by his behaivour he thought of finally saying it out loud so that he would come to know that he was waiting for him make some room. Would it help him grab his seat before anyone else did?


He called out the boy loudly so that he would look at him but instead of moving his legs he gave a look in dismay and continued to do what he was watching before on his phone. This angered the man standing all prepared to grab the seat but before he could say anything to the rude response of the kid he saw another seat vacating near him. So he ran towards it while grumbling in his mouth.

Silent Observer

The kid seemed to have no effect and behaved as if nothing happened. The woman raised her head and watched the incident with the utmost concentration. She was now curious about the guardian’s reaction and watched her quietly. She was taken aback when the guardian didn’t even utter a word on her son’s behavior and continued to watch what she was watching before.