The moments of happiness are what we live for. Every minor, as well as major happiness, counts. But how do you feel about the uncertainty of whether you’ll be able to experience one of the biggest happiness of your life?

The soldiers of the country are the people who are always uncertain about not just the happiness of their lives, but their lives themselves. Their sacrifices cannot be quantified. One day you are home, the next day you are in a battlefield.

One such soldier is Brooks Lindsey, the protagonist of our story. The biggest happiness of his life is announced, but will he be able to witness it, while the whole world sees him troubled and emotionally sitting dressed in his uniform on the floor of Texas Airport.

Meet Brooks Lindsey

Brooks Lindsey, 25, is an army soldier of the 114th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Battalion of the Mississippi National Guard. To be an army soldier was Brooks’ childhood dream and he has been a very emotional person from his childhood. His hometown is Jackson, Mississippi.