Babies are the purest form of happiness. We love them for their innocent and carefree attitude. Still, so many kids spend their childhood as orphans. While we just love them, a woman named Katie Page was doing her best to make these orphans’ life a little better. Her life wasn’t perfect but fostering kids gave her a reason to feel good about herself. After facing a lot of ups and downs, Katie found her happiness with the babies she used to foster on a temporary basis.

On a journey to find herself, Katie took a daring step not once but twice and the outcomes of her decisions became the reason why we selected this story to be shared with our readers.

From Alabama To Denver

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Katie Page was a career-oriented woman when she took a decision to move out of her home city to start a new life in Denver, Colorado. As she grew in age, she realized the importance of relationships over professional life. She found the man she loved and married him. With marriage, she unknowingly embarked on a journey full of life-changing lessons.