Merrill’s Surgery

Related imageAs the pit bull was slowly dragged in for surgery, her tiny Chihuahua friend Taco could not sit still. He was now 8 years old. Merrill was kept away from Taco because of her surgery which made him completely restless and anxious. It was clear how much he wanted to be with her.

Not Going To Leave

Merrill Recovering from Surgery - Pit Bull Rescue Story

When Merrill was finally released from the operation theater, both the dogs were wailing at each other. The doctors wanted her to stay alone for her to heal quicker, but the two of them absolutely refused to stay apart. Since they were resisting so much, the volunteers knew that something had to be done quickly.

A Surprise Visitor

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When the workers saw that the two of them were not going to stay till until they were kept together, they finally had an idea. They allowed Taco to stay in the recovery room that Merrill was kept in. Everyone present there was totally blown away by how much they cared for each other.

Full Support

Taco Surprises Merrill - Pit Bull Rescue Story

Taco did not for one second, leave Merrill’s side and showed his support any way he possibly could. After seeing this, the volunteers grew concerned that the pit bull and Chihuahua’s relationship might cause a problem later on. They feared that their bond might cause issues later on.

A Legitimate Concern

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Rocket Dog Rescue had seen many adoption processes and is well-versed with pets getting adopted. Merrill’s and Taco’s intense bond was considered a possible problem later on when they would find adopters. Since it was rare for people to adopt two dogs at once, they were worried.

No Interest For Taco

Merrill and Taco - Pit Bull Rescue Story

Moreover, since Taco was an old age dog, they knew it would be difficult to get people to adopt him as well. The adorable pictures of the pair have been kept on the site but there was little interest for Taco. One day, something happened and it took everyone by surprise.