There were millions of years which existed before our time, and many which will exist after. Experts have found artifacts and fossils which prove the same. They devote their lives to interpret our history by unraveling the depths of the earth. Archaeology is a continually shifting landscape, and every once in a while, a truly astonishing discovery surfaces prompting us to rethink our most stubborn ideas about the past and the people who lived in it.

One such discovery dates back to the late 1960s, during the excavation of Herodium, an ancient fortress located south of Bethlehem. At that time, they put it aside assuming it to be just a trinket. It wasn’t until years later when a new team of researchers studied the artifact, they discovered how extraordinary it is.

Excavation By Foerster

This incident occurred when Gideon Foerster, a professor of archaeology at the Hebrew University, along with his team was on an excavation project at the Herodium in West Bank. The team ended up finding an amazing collection of artifacts and trinkets. However, what they didn’t know was that amongst these trinkets they have obtained something that will not be recognized until 50 years.


Herodium is located about 12km south of Jerusalem, and 5km south-east to Bethlehem in West Bank. It is home to a grand castle dating back to the time of King Herod. This site is also where King Herod was buried, which explains the tumulus appearance of the mountain. It was reshaped to provide a haven for the ruler. Herodium is also recognized as the Mountain of Paradise.

Historical Significance

To understand where this ring came from and why it was excavated at the Herodium, we need to go back in time thousands of years ago where history was being created. A series of events was about to unfold, which will shape the course of this world forever.

The Ruler

It all began when Herod was appointed as King of Judea by the Romans in 37 BC. It is believed that he, mostly, had a hugely prosperous reign. King Herod was ethnically an Arab but he was a Jew by practice. The Romans gave him the title of “King Of The Jews” because of the massive Jewish population he used to rule over.

Herod’s Domain

King Herod was not popular for mercy. He was very protective of his throne. So when the talk of a new “King Of Jews” came to his ears, Herod was furious. This new King of Jews was none other than a newborn of Mary and Joseph.  It is believed that Herod saw Jesus as a threat and wanted him gone even before he was born. 

Plot To Kill

The Gospel of Matthew unveils that the three wise men who visited Jesus to present him with gifts were unknowingly tricked by the King. He asked them to tell him the location of the child because he too wanted to pay his respects. The wise men agreed to return to the castle with the infant’s location.