Two World In One Place

At the back, there was an old dirty house which was weak and shaking but in the front, there was this chimney that was telling them a very different story about the house entirely. The team had no idea about the house’s previous owners and why did they keep that chimney so clean and structured when other parts of the house were literally falling apart. But there was something inside that chimney that they discovered later which changed everything.

Work Started

The workers started the work as they were told by the previous team of investigators but they didn’t tell them about the mysterious chimney that was there in the house. In no time workers were standing at the same spot as the previous team looking at this unusual chimney. The workers started the work and the renovation of the house was in process and soon they would find themselves trapped in the dark.

The Weird Feelings

Because the house was old the workers were taking good care of the sensitive spots inside the house about which they were told by the investigation team. The ceiling of the house was really weak and the worker made sure that they don’t destroy the house in a rush. The house was giving the chills and the workers decided not to work after 6 p.m in the house. But the house was listening to their plan and was ready to surprise them.

Different Spot With Different Problems

The house was big and had several rooms which made the workers realized that it might take longer than expected. The team was divided and each team was given different spots. But one team was chosen to work in the same room where that chimney was. As the work processed they discovered several astonishing things about the house. Like the house belonged to some elite family back in the 19th or 20th century. That’s not all, they found more.

House’s History

As we already told you that the house was really old and anybody could tell that just by looking at it. But nobody knew about the owners and even the present owner wasn’t aware of it. So the identity of the original owner of the house was a complete mystery. In one of the rooms, they also found some old photographs in which they could see people wearing clothes of the past. As they suspected this house once belonged to some elite family because one man was common in the majority of the photographs. He was well-dressed and you could see the sense of superiority on his face because of his wealth.

It Was Time To Check The Chimney

The team cleaned the room which made their work easier. They could now see how big and amazing that space was. There was a lot that was needed to be done in that particular room from ceiling to new flooring and what not. After cleaning the room the team moved towards the chimney that was going all the way up to the house’s height. So how do you check the chimney when you know there is no electricity? Obviously, with a torch, right? Nope.