A Substitute For Almonds

Don’t like eating almonds for sharpening up your memory? Well, opt for cucumbers instead. Cucumbers are a good source of Fisetin which is closely linked with the protection of our nerve impulse system. This qualitative aspect of this fruit makes it a beneficiary when it comes to a healthy brain and a sharper memory.

Fights Toxicity

Water in any form helps you detox your body but consuming water  24*7 can be quite boring. Why not add onto some flavor to that tasteless liquid? Opt for cucumber water in forms of juices, squashes, shakes or just raw cucumber and take your metabolism level onto the elevator. Get rid of those stubborn irritating substances and have a smooth intestinal passage. This will also keep problems like constipation in the backyard.

Want To Look Gorgeous?

Ladies are more familiar with this fact. Well, MEN, I have this tip for you. Use frozen cucumber slices to get over your dark circles, acne, and pimples. Get that everlasting smooth facial finish by just applying this fruit paste with lemon on your face and you are ready to go. It keeps away all the blemishes and gives you a clearer and radiant skin.

Say Bye To Your Itchy Eyes

Most of us live a digital life, all surrounded by laptops, cell phones, i-pads and what not, turning us into a generation with spectacles and poor eyesight. The ophthalmologist is not always what you need when you have a cucumber in hand. Including this marvel fruit in your diet would not only improve your vision but will also give you relief from those itching eyes. The reason why a majority of the salons apply cucumber slices as eye mask is that they soothe up your itching puffy red eyes. A salon is thus always not what you need.

Good For Muscle And Joint Pain

Muscle pain and joint pain patients, cucumbers are all that you need. This fruit is full of magnesium, potassium, fiber and rich in antioxidants. All these nutritive qualities make it a medicine for your pains. Eat a cucumber and bid adieu to those hours of pain in spine and joints.

Remedy For Sunburn

Got a sensitive skin? Scared of staying outside the four walls of the house? Here I am,  providing you with one of the simplest solutions to this problem. Dig into the outside environment and don’t worry about the sunburns and that red patchy skin when you have a cucumber to your rescue. Cucumber slices work wonders for treating the skin rashes and itchiness. Apply some cucumber paste and you are all cool to face the sun again.