Cucumber is often called as Cuke and belongs to the gourd family. It is the coolest fruit of the lot. A fluid sufficing the water needs of the body, a gourd fulfilling the vitamin and mineral requirements and a lot more. What makes this fruit a vegetable and what health, skin benefits this green skinned vegetable bears will amaze you. In how many interesting ways can this elongated gourd be added in your diet will force you to munch on it?

Is It A Fruit Or A Vegetable?

More or less everyone acknowledges cucumber as a vegetable, however itis a citrus fruit. This elongated piece of fruit is a creeper which bears cucumiform fruits which are used as vegetables. So basically it’s these fruits we term as vegetables. Cucumbers have been a major component of the Mediterranean diets. This is a non-sweet, low in cholesterol, sodium and bears high water content.

Thirsty? Have A Cucumber

Cucumber is nearly 95% water which makes it a win-win situation for keeping you hydrated. The next time you are thirsty, opt for a cucumber as it will make you feel a lot cooler than water. Not only this, it will even provide you with a certain amount of calories providing a feeling of satiety. Being a storehouse of water, cucumbers can be substituted in places of sugary drinks and juices which provide you with empty calories. This herein will provide your body with some beneficial inputs.

A Major Antioxidant

We all have heard quite a lot about the antioxidants in this era. Green tea is primarily known as an antioxidant-rich supplement. Cucumbers are an even better and easier dip into antioxidants which fight the free radicals (disease-causing components) in our body and keep us healthy and fit. They give you a younger looking radiant skin, fight cancer-causing germs and give a healthy immune system.

Fights With Cancer

Cucumbers belong to the Cucurbitaceae family of plants and are a rich source of Folate which is believed to reduce the risk of cancer development, proliferation in individuals. Risk of cancers of estrogen, breast, ovaries and prostate can be reduced by incorporating a sufficient amount of cucumber in your diet.

Cardiovascular Diseases Are On An Off

CVD’S are a major health problem these days primarily due to our sedentary lifestyle leading to high cholesterol levels, hypertension, obesity, diabetes and what not. Cucumbers are a good source of potassium providing nearly 147mg in every 100gm serving. This healthy supplement is keeping you way far from such major health problems due to its high potassium and low sodium contents.

Eat It  And Shed Fat Cells

Eating always does not count on gaining kilos but it means shedding pounds in case of cucumber. Cucumber is major water and dietary fiber. Both these minerals provide you a feeling of satiety and curbs your urge of hunger. It is often the prime reason why salads are full of gourd family members like zucchini, cucumbers etc. It prevents you from gaining extra calories which you might gain in case you go on munching junk.