Our furry friends enjoy the trip to the vet as much as we enjoy our visits to the dentist. It’s an inexorable aspect of our lives that somehow manages to sneak up on us every time.We have compiled a series of pictures capturing their reaction when they realized that they’re on the way to see the vet. These managed to warm our heart all the while providing us with a good laughter.

If I can’t see them, They can’t see me either right?!

Oh No, It’s That Time Of The Year Again

Upon getting the dreadful news that they are going to be visiting the vet today, This dog decided to escape this situation by hiding himself under his trusted blanket. Though this guy clearly isn’t fooling anyone, his master didn’t have the heart to tell him that even his blanket had betrayed him. When the time arrived to go to the vet, we hope this guy took this blanket with him to curl in and comfort himself. Because that how some of us are dealing with our problem too, alongside our trusted blanket.