Spent Almost Entire Life At The Shelter

This little dog has spent almost his entire life at the Save-a-Pet Shelter which is located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. But recently, Chip was finally adopted and he got a home of his own. His waiting period of 15 years finally came to an end.

A Desperate Plea

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A member of the shelter home was extremely concerned about Chip. Hence he posted a plea which read,  “Chip has NEVER had a home, NEVER had a family to love and cherish him, NEVER had someone to play with him or take him for walks, NEVER had a warm bed to sleep in or a human to cuddle up to.”

Finally, A Permanent Home

And finally, Chip would have all the fun and pleasure at his permanent home. The shelter had posted a beautiful adoption photograph of Chip and his new dad, Jaco Rademeyer, who was about to take the tiny dog to his very first home.

Old But Finally Comfortable

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As Chip is now aging, he has some medical issues. Doctors claim that he doesn’t have much time left. But, he will spend the last quarter of his life with all the comfort he desired since many years. The shelter tried to give him all the care and love, but the feeling of living in own house and with own family members is irreplaceable.

Next in line is Chester, who found a permanent home after a wait of 5 long years…

Chester’s Social Media Attraction

How could you say no? This is the picture that secured Chester a loving home

This is Chester, a 6-year-old Pit Bull mix. He had been living at the North Fork Animal Welfare League situated on Long Island. After getting a lot of attention for his photo on social media, he is finally adopted by a family which is based in New York City. He waited for this moment for 5 long years. 

Was Leading a Monotonous Life Since 2010

Long-time coming: Chester, a six-year-old pit bull, was found as a stray and had been living in shelters for the past five years

This adorable pooch was leading a monotonous life in New York state shelters since 2010 and it seemed like the things were not going to change for him. But his picture which was shared online changed his life forever.