With the kinds of crimes committed in the world, humans have started losing hope in their own race. The large-scale deaths that occur because of bombings, terror attacks, murders, and assassinations can make up for a really depressing news. But on one hand, where no one blinks an eye when they get to know about the chemical attacks on children, there are those people who help keep a little amount of hope in humanity alive. It goes to show someone’s humanity and fearless nature when one puts their life in danger for their fellow human beings. But there are people who believe that every life counts, be it of humans or animals.

We have heard stories of people putting themselves in tricky positions to take care of their pets and to save them from a dangerous situation. But today, we got to know about this woman who put her life under threat for an animal which was not even her pet. She did not know if the animal will survive but she tried to save it nonetheless. When everyone stood by watching, she did the bravest thing.

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Canada enjoys four distinct seasons but winters can be really harsh and unforgiving when it comes. At some place, temperatures drop as low as -15 degrees Celcius and with cold winter winds blowing it can drop lower. Not everyone stays snuggled up in their houses though. People go out to enjoy snowfall and this is the perfect time for kids to go out skating on frozen lakes and roads covered completely with snow. However, it can be really dangerous… especially skating on a frozen lake. The ice spread on a lake is not usually uniform and a lot of unfortunate incidents have been registered because of people falling and even downing in water when thin ice breaks. It is an accident no one can see coming and that is exactly what happened in this case.