A mother not only gives birth to her children but also molds them to become a better version of themselves. Undoubtedly, a mother is the best thing that happens to each living creature in the world.

Lydia Fairchild, a mother of three, was already going through some rough days when she faced the worst day of her life when people started to raise questions on her motherhood. All she wanted was a little help from the government which was declined and on top of it, they started a criminal investigation on her. But for what reasons? Was attempting to secure her kids’ future her only fault? Or were things different on the inside?

Restructuring Life

In 2002, Lydia Fairchild, a 26-year-old native of Washington took the boldest step of her life when she decided to separate from her husband, Jamie Townsend. The couple had two kids and Lydia was pregnant with a third child. The couple had faced rough days many times but this time the situation was worse enough that Lydia filed for a divorce. Lydia took the responsibility of raising all three of her children by herself.

Once the couple was legally divorced, Lydia focussed entirely on making her kids’ future secure but it was going to be much harder than anyone could have thought.

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