The Entrance

The museum has things that people never knew even existed in this world of ours. The entrance unfolds a massive shaft that goes further down below the earth’s surface, which is as deep as 2000 feet and one of its kind. 

Forever Admired

When people enter the museum, they usually anticipate a lot of zinc and that is all that they can think of because zinc was the main ingredient that was extracted by the company in the previous years. But every visitor is amazed to see what all the museum holds. 

New Constructions

To start with, the museum made a new addition at its entrance in the 1990s. There is a 240 long portion in the mines that was blasted and the construction of which cost a lot of money. Each foot that was blasted cost $2. 

Heavenly View

At the entrance, the new construction is a rainbow tunnel, which will make you feel like you are entering another universe. It is totally different experience and the best part is that this tunnel is just the starting. There’s a lot more that lies ahead. 

Rainbow Room

After walking a little further, you will enter one of the most magnificent places, the rainbow room. The short wave ultraviolet lights reflect a mesmerizing view throughout the cavern, to show off all the hidden colors of the stones, green being the dominant one. 


Before you enter the area which has a breath-taking view, you walk on a pathway that will remind you of the time when the miners had worked in the mine. There are structures to remind you of the history of the mine.