Merchant Navy Jobs: Eligibility & Career Prospects

Be it the opportunity to travel the world or the possibility of high remunerations, many youngsters are attracted to Merchant Navy jobs. Merchant Navy offers commercial services, as opposed to the navy, which is mainly involved in the defense of a nation. The Merchant Navy is the spine of international trade. Merchant ships hire a huge number of workers to carry and deliver goods from one country to another. Without the merchant navy, much of the import-export business would cease to exist. 

Merchant Navy jobs are glamorous and lucrative. They are especially attractive to those who have the travel bug. These jobs offer opportunities to visit new and exotic places all around the globe. However, merchant navy jobs are quite challenging and require extensive training. 


  • Graduating from class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. 
  • Candidates have to be unmarried Indian citizens.
  • Normal vision is required but glasses up to plus or minus 2.5 might be allowed
  • Admission is through an entrance followed by a screening test and a written exam
  • The test is followed by an interview as well as a medical test
  • Moreover, candidates need to gain ship-training prior to employment. The course is short-term and the candidates are informed about the basic security concerns of voyaging.

Merchant Navy Job Profiles

  • Deck officer (navigation officer)
  • Electro-technical officer (ETO)
  • Engineer
  • Ratings – Ratings are experienced seafarers who assist all the officers with their daily tasks
  • Catering & hospitality crew: This consists of treasurers, porters, chef, housekeeper, etc

Career Prospects

There are enormous employment opportunities in Merchant Navy. Candidates who have finished the basic course can get jobs very easily through various consultants as well as placement agencies. Merchant navy fleet consists of cargo ships, container ships, a barge carrying ships, tankers, bulk carriers, refrigerators ships, passenger ships, etc. The possibility of finding employment in cargo ships is way more as compared to others.

In India, job opportunities are also available in government and private shipping companies like Shipping Corporation of India, clearinghouses, etc.

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